Closed Beta: August 2023

If you attend our upcoming conference, Handmade Boston, you’ll receive a free copy of Terminal Click. These tech conferences are well-known so slots are limited!

You may attend either the physical track or the online track: you’ll be eligible for the download regardless.

UPDATE: The closed beta has been moved to January 8th, 2024. If you bought an online ticket just for the beta, you should’ve received an email explaining why I’ve postponed it and how we can make things right.

Open Beta: Mid 2024

The open beta ships sometime in mid 2024 at an undisclosed date.


1. I don’t have the budget for Handmade Boston

If you work in tech or are a graduate student you’re likely eligible for a stipend under professional development (even if they never mentioned this to you.)

It won’t hurt to ask your boss!

2. I’m financially disadvantaged

Send Abner an email (see below) and briefly explain your situation. We’ll offer you a meaningful discount. Our only request is that people who can actually afford things do not abuse this system of trust.

3. Will Terminal Click be free?

No, Terminal Click is made by an indie dev who wants to be compensated for his work. That said the price will be reasonable: it’ll feel like buying a movie ticket and small popcorn.

Furthermore, Terminal Click is a one-off purchase: once you get it the binary is yours to own forever. A single license allows you to install it on all platforms simultaneously.